The first day I met Scout I took a photo of her and her siblings and sent it straight to my partner. We had been looking for an Australian working breed rescue pup for a little while and just hadn't yet found the one for us. The little red bundle took our hearts almost instantly, and the next day we were at the RSPCA with the adoption papers signed, just waiting for her to get desexed so we could take her home. Since the moment she arrived home, we knew we had a little terror, but with time, training and patience she has become our perfect dog. 


As Scout was growing, I began to take up running. I'd always struggled to have the motivation to run, and kept coming up with excuses not to do it. But with Scout by my side, we worked together and slowly built up the kilometres and became runners. We started off just running to the dog park, letting her run around for a while, then walking home. From there we just gradually built it up and eventually I completed my first half marathon. 


I always hated participating in running events without Scout, and was so excited when I heard about the Riverwood Downs Tail run. I could not be more excited to finally enter an event with my running companion. Next thing you know I've got the Tailrunner harness and hands-free leash set and we could train together for our first event as a pair. Now we keep July free each year to make sure we can run together on our favourite weekend of the year!

Jess Pooley

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