A bit about Me (Karen)

A bit about Me (Karen)

With a love of Ultra Marathon Running and having two Australian Kelpie’s as my training partners, I need good quality running gear not only for me but for my dogs “Cadence and Pace”. On average we run about 80km a week but when in training for an event we can clock up anywhere between 100km to 170km a week.

I remember the first time I took Cadence out for a run, a truck went past, she got spooked and went one way around a pole and I went the other. The force of the shock made me loose grip of the conventional leash I was using at the time and she ran out onto the road, my heart went into my throat…………….. From then on I thought there had to be a better way. It was also around this time that I witnessed a new mum taking baby and dog for a walk she had the dog leash looped over the pram handle, the dog got spooked and ran out onto the road dragging the pram with it.

So from there the Hands Free Leash was developed, neither of these accidents would have happened if the dogs had been on a Tail Runner Hands Free Leash.

Not only does the Tail Runner Hands Free Leash help by not impeding on your running form and style, it saves you from having your shoulder ripped out of its socket by an overzealous 4 legged training partner like my “Pace” but it’s great for those who have trouble with their hands and find the conventional leash hard to grip or keep hold of.

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