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I had heard of this concept a few times some months ago but it was always associated with road riders. Joe knows I love a challenge and encouraged me to do it as a run. The idea intrigued me and I agreed to give it a go. Choosing Mount Sugarloaf for this event was a no brainer, she is the first thing I see out of my kitchen window every morning, she is my playground (almost) every day, I know her ridgelines and gullies better than most. With no events on due to Covid and me not doing any structured...

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I am trying my hand at making some short videos and have started up a TailRunner YouTube Channel. Many of these are from my experience as an Ultra/Endurance runner. I'm planning on adding some helpful hints and strength exercises so you can see how I train for an event. As well as adding in some videos of the dogs so please subscribe so you don't miss out :)  

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For the love of trails and dogs. An event where the "whole" family can enter, including the family dog. 
Come and join us in the happiest trail run ever, you don't need a dog to run with but it helps if you at least like them.

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What a crazy awesome insane event set in the most beautiful location. I could easily pack up and move to the township of Bright. I've struggled for time and motivation to write this run report up, I think once you start reading it you will understand why. It is a bit long so grab a cuppa. As always I had the help of my most amazing friend and coach Shona Stephenson, I was on such a high from Blackall 100 that I was hungry for another challenge and Buffalo Ultra Sky Running Marathon look like it. Oooooh... but then I saw...

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