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  • Hands-Free System

    The most comfortable hands free running and walking system across the globe. I carry a range of gear to help make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

  • Giving Back To The Community

    I introduce disadvantaged kids to trail running to give them that "back to basics" connection with nature and animals, getting them out of the four white walls of councillors and psychologists.

  • Dog Friendly Events

    Australia’s most unique timed trail running event where the whole family can enter, including the family dog. Finally an event where you can enter and run with your dog.

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Our Worldclass Leads



New improved super strong double stitched front attachment for durability

Relective piping and stiching on adjustment belts to be seen during low light


Our products are so durable they come with a 'lifetime' warrenty.

My own kelpies run up to 190+km per week, so I know the products last throughout strenuous uses!


With the wider belt and metal slider on the leash, I can confidently recommend this system for large breeds, bad pullers, and multiple dogs on the one belt.


    "We started off just running to the dog park, letting her run around for a while, then walking home. From there we just gradually built it up and eventually I completed my first half marathon. I could not be more excited to finally enter an event with my running companion. Now I've got the Tailrunner harness and hands-free leash set and we could train together for our first event as a pair."


    I was given up at the early age of 7 months due to my endless energy. No one had put any time into me. I didn’t even know my own name. 


    I was rescued by Rockies K9 rescue and that is how my pawrents found me. I show them how much I appreciate them at night only since all the birds are sleeping then 😂


    The moment I met Smithy was a moment that will be etched in my heart forever. As the transport driver opened the door of the doggy trailer, Smithy bounded out and literally jumped into my arms with his head snuggled into my neck. It was love at first sight!

    We push each other to go further and faster and most of all we have fun each and every time we go running!


My goal is to design and produce high quality durable products that can can outperform and stand up to the strenuous daily training of an athlete down to the comfort and practicality of a casual walker.

I am an elite Ultra Marathon Runner that trains with my rescue kelpies Cadence, Pace and now my new rescue pup Trails. Each week we average over 100+km of trail running, so the products are well and truly tried and tested.