"How much is the postage?"

"In Australia it is FREE, yes that is absolutely correct.  FREE postage on ALL products Australia Wide."
For NZ $15.25, this doesn't quite cover the full cost but I have made it as low as I can possibly afford at this stage.

“Will the Hands-Free Leash stop my dog from pulling?”

“No, you need to teach your dog to stop pulling, but it will definitely save you from having your arm pulled out of its socket while you are doing so.”


“Can you tell me about the materials that Tail Runner Uses?”


My main priorities when sourcing and testing the materials is firstly quality then strength, easy-clean and durability.

I am confident I have managed to meet all of those requirements.”


“Can I throw my leads and harness in the washing machine?”

“Hosing off your harness and leads after your adventures is recommended. You may even need to hand wash with a mild detergent for heavier stains. Regular machine washing or soaking is not recommended especially with the bungee leash as the detergent, strips the oils and hardens the elastic causing it to deteriorate.”


“Do you have warranty on all Tail Runner Products?”

“Yes. I gladly offer a 12 month warranty against any manufacturer damage or defects in materials or workmanship on all products from the date of purchase. 'Change of mind' is not valid criteria for warranty. Damaged or defective merchandise are items that have a noticeable material or workmanship defect that is not caused by standard wear."


“How do I know what size harness to order for my dog?”

“Measure around the widest part of the chest behind the front legs and compare that with our size measuring chart.”
A rule of thumb measurement is that French Bulldog and Pugs tend to take a Small Harness.

Working breed type Kelpies take a Medium Harness.

Staffordshire Terriers, Cattle dogs and Bench type Kelpies take a Large Harness”


“How long will the leads and adventure harnesses last?”

“My products are all made of durable hard wearing webbing, textiles and hardware which is chosen for its long lasting and visual characteristics. Tail Runner Leads and harnesses are made to last for as long as you maintain them! That being said, there are a few tips to help maintain and preserve your leads and harnesses.”

“To get the most from your purchase, I suggest that you do not leave your leads or harness in extreme hot or cold temperatures for extended periods as this may eventually affect the strength and integrity of the webbing and bungee. Always try to store your Tail Runner products in a clean, dry, well ventilated area out of direct sunlight.”

Long term care for leads and harnesses: After your trail or beach adventure always hose off the sand, mud and salt as it is the small grains that rub together breaking down the fibres.

After each of my trail runs I always do this for my shoes and back pack as well.

Hang to out to completely dry then store as recommended ready for your next adventure.”


“Is the Tail Runner gear just for running with your dog?”

“No, it is absolutely perfect if you want to walk. Best of all the Hands-Free Leash is great for those who may have trouble with their hands and find gripping a conventional Leash difficult”


"Why are you only online"

          I am found in a couple of local stores such as Sugarloaf Animal Hospital, the local produce store and The PetShop Boyz but mostly I am online so I can pass the saving on to you


"I noticed when I received my order that there was no packaging or advertising material, why is that"

         Again it is so I can pass the savings on to you but also I think we produce enough waste and landfill, the last thing I want to do is go and create more. 


"What is the "D" Ring near the traffic handle for?”

“The D ring is there if you want to add another leash so you can take more than one dog on the same belt"

"I thought that was what the other D-ring on the belt was for (there are two D-rings on the belt). This is a third" 

"Yes, it's designed so you can have a couple of different setups, some find it easier to have a dog either side, especially if you are pushing a pram and others find it easier to have two dogs in front or on the one side, this makes it easier when running single trail"