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Have you been struggling with trying to walk or run with your dog or even pushing a pram with dog in tow?

Then thankfully you found me; arm pulled out of socket, trip over and struggle no more.

Tail Runner have the best  hands-free running and dog walking system across the globe. This system now has the reputation as being the most comfortable hands-free system available and has featured in the Australian Dog Lovers, the New Zealand HeraldGlam Adelaide Magazine and also Australian Pet Insurance.

I carry a range of gear to help make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable, so that you will stay motivated to get outside, stay healthy and exercise with your four legged training partner or walking companion.

Products include our most popular and robust of the Hands-Free leash, the Belt & Bungee Leash, also the versatile one piece leash. The wide chested and padded Adventure harness, collars, seat belt restraint for the trip to and from the start and finish of your destination. For you, we have a racer back singlet, visor, and hoodie 

My goal is to save you money and time by working hard to source and create modern designs while coming up with innovative solutions for people who love spending time outdoors with their fur kids. I am relentless in the pursuit of providing and coming up with high quality products that last.

Tail Runner is a fast growing Australian business started by me Karen. I am an elite Ultra Marathon Runner that trains with my rescue kelpies Cadence and Pace. Each week we average over 100+km of trail running, so the products are well and truly tried and tested. These products must be able to withstand the extensive amount of training we put our gear through.

The logo is stitched onto all products as a measure of respect and pride, and the hard work it represents.

A portion of profits go to my passion, helping working dog rescue groups and the environment.

You will find that my products don't have fancy unnecessary packaging, this is a deliberate decision by me to reduce impact on the environment. I just couldn't see the point when you would look at it for 2 seconds then for it to end up as landfill.

By supporting Tail Runner you are also enabling me to work on a projects I am passionate about, helping "Kids in Care". This project has been going for 5 years now and is having a huge positive influence on the kids. I introduce the kids to trail running to give them that "back to basics" connection with nature and animals, getting them out of the four white walls of councillors and psychologists.

It is also to get them out of their own head space, with trail running they have to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other if they don't then they fall over, I could not have predicted how well this was going to work with kids that have learning disabilities, particularly those who have started life off with drug addiction and alcohol foetal syndrome.

I am so excited and completely overwhelmed by the impact on those kids currently involved.  

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the products and/or running with your dog/s. You can catch me on mobile number +61 402 104 418 or send me an email to karen@tailrunner.com.au