Absolutely fantastic. Hands free leash (2 piece) is our favourite - I love it as it makes running easier and I can carry my phone if needed/treats/poo bags. Whisper loves it as the elastic gives her a bit of warning before it stops her and she loves the treats in the pouch. Prior to getting this we weren't running much as her yanking on my arms was putting my back out, where as the stability because it attached around my hips means we are back to running every day. Not to mention, THE best and most helpful customer service - Karen really cares about helping you pick the right product for your and your pups needs. Thank you again Karen 😀🐾
Michelle Snape  

 Karen was so helpful when I was looking to purchase some of the Tail Runner gear, she helped me select the right products and she shipped it to me straight away, I had it within two days! Her products are amazing quality, I love Love LOVE them (and so does my Kelpie). I bought a waist belt, two harnesses and two bungee leads and they are fantastic, I also received a treat bag to attach to my waist belt which is so great for carrying treats for the pooches and my keys! Thank you so much Karen, the Tail Runner gear is amazing, I'm one super happy customer!  
Kiah McFarlane 

A big thank you to Karen & Sandy (who purchased my gift) Since being diagnosed with cancer I have been able to keep walking my beautiful groodle due to my tail runner harness & lead, with limited use of one arm it would be too difficult to near impossible with any other lead believe me I've tried highly recommended.         
Brenda Albert 


 Received my tail runner harness and 2 piece lead set yesterday and tried it out this evening with my Belgian shepherd. Totally love it!! After having issues with my shoulder my pup wasn't being walked. I can now walk her with no pressure on my shoulders it's amazing!!! Thank u so much.   
Sammy Newland  


A big thank you for the speedy delivery of our hands free dog runner. We were busting to try it out after it arrived yesterday and our verdict is the product is exceptional.
We have a 3 week old son and I was looking for a way of walking and jogging with pram and dogs. My husband and I have been training & competing in triathlon for the past 3 years and our dogs love coming on the run training.
I hooked up the fur kids (lily 9, sooty 8 - labradoodles) and took the lead system for a spin. It is the highest quality dog lead we have ever owned - it looks and feels like it is made to last! The length is spot on for jogging or walking with pram. I can tell by all the details that the leads and belt are designed by someone who loves running! Enough room in the zip bag for doggy bags, phone, keys etc.
Just wish i had found it sooner!