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Backyard Blister Ultra

  • Sale
  • $150.00

Last One Standing 15 April 2022
12hr Ultra 16 April 202
6hr Marathon 16 April 2022
Easter Long Weekend

Appletree Rd HOLMESVILLE NSW 2286
Shared Community Tracks & Trails beside Kevin Evans Oval
Entry Fee    LOS $150    12hr $100   6hr $85


Backyard Blister is an Affiliated Big's Backyard Ultra World Championship Event

  • Last One Standing starts at 12pm Friday 15 April
  • 12hr Ultra starts at 7am on the Saturday 16 April
  • The 6hr starts at 9am Saturday 16 April
  • Runners will start a 6.71 km (4.17 mile) on the hour, every hour
  • Runners must finish each lap within 1 hour
  • The next lap starts on the hour every hour after that
  • LOS continues until only one runner can complete the lap within the 1-hour time limit
  • Runners are called into the starting corral at 3 minutes to the hour
  • Any runner not in the starting corral for any lap is not eligible to continue and is recorded as DNF (did not finish)
  • Any runner who fails to finish a lap is recorded as DNF (did not finish)

Rules are the same for the 12hr and 6hr however if you finish within the time frame then you will be recognized as a finisher instead of a DNF and if you make it to the last lap, you then need to race the last lap and cross the finish line in first to win


A beautiful flowy tree-covered single trail that is easy underfoot so it conforms to the original concept of the Backyard Ultras. This event is the perfect combination of the mental and physical challenge. The elevation per lap of the Blister is 47m, the trails are favorable for you and the kind of distance we want to achieve.

Located in the historical township of Holmesville with Mount Sugarloaf in the background. Vehicle access and location are easy to find and are 5 min off the Pacific Mwy M1. About 40min north of the Central Coast and 1hr 30min from Sydney.

Anything you might need is all within 5min (such as Macca’s, KFC, Coffee shop, takeaway, supermarket, chemist, ice, bottle shop, pub Lol) and internet service to be able to keep social media updated.

I really believe we will be more competitive, hour and distance-wise with the rest of the states and world Backyard Ultras

Bring your dog but not on course


$1000 prize money for the Winner of the LAST ONE STANDING and the Silver Ticket to compete for the Gold to represent Australia

100 Miler entry into next year's Brisbane Trail Ultra

Choice of entry into Mirrim Wurnit Back Paddock Ultra or The Clint Eastwood Loser to compete for the Gold Coin lottery into Big’s Backyard in the USA

12hr Ultra winner will receive a FREE entry into Brisbane Trail Ultra 110km

6hr Ultra winner will receive a FREE entry into Tails & Trails 50km Ultra

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  • Runners must finish the lap within 1 hour
  • The next lap starts on the hour every hour after that (signaled by the bell)
  • Participants must be in the starting corral at the bell
  • A warning will be given at 3, 2, and 1 minutes prior to start
  • Runners may not leave the course until each loop is completed  (once the horn goes you must complete a loop before any support is given/taken)
  • You are allowed to carry your own food and hydration with you while out on a loop
  • No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners).
  • You are not to receive support or pacing from runners – gear, food, or liquids.  All that is allowed is a quick verbal encouragement as they pass you or you pass them.  Both yourself and the other runner/s will be disqualified if this rule is broken.
  • No personal aid/support during a lap (the one aid/support location is the event base)
  • No artificial aids (including poles!)
  • Slower runners – please allow faster runners to pass
  • The winner is the last person to complete a lap when all others have given up
  • All others are technically DNF
  • If no runner can complete one more lap than anyone else, there is no winner
  • Please report to the timing area when you decide you can no longer go on
  • No cats, dogs, goats, horses, or other domesticated animals are allowed on the course with runners.