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Tail Runner

Kids Hands Free Dog Leash

Kids Hands Free Dog Leash

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Want to encourage the kids to take the dog for a walk or getting annoyed at the kids stealing your hands-free leash and continually having to readjust the belt, then why not give them their very own Tail Runner Leash 

suitable for small to medium sized dogs (5 to 20kg) 

Benefits of a Tail Runner Leash

  • Light weight and easily adjustable
  • You can maintain your running form without having your shoulder pulled out the socket.
  • Bungee holds its shape so it doesn’t twist or curl up while running, this stops it from getting hooked on the tread of your shoe, face planting the dirt and totally freaking your dog out (speaking from experience)
  • Hands free so you can use your arms to balance when trail running 
  • Can tend to other activities while still restraining your dog, such as trying to do up your shoe lace or fishing around in your back pack.
  • Less leverage as it has a lower centre of gravity, making it harder to be pulled off balance and pulled over

Length: 2.5cm x 2.1m (bungee stretched out 2.4m) you will need to minus your waist circumference. 

This is an all in one system and my favourite, especially for running trails. It is light weight and strong which slides easily around waist. Comes in solid colours of Black, Blue, Pink, or Red.

Features: Has double reflective stitching so you can be seen during low light.


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High quality and durable. I have been testing the prototypes of my products on Cadence (my Ultra Marathon runner Kelpie) for months now, we have covered approximately 2400+km in them and I absolutely love it, (and so does she).


This is the new and improved version it is also the most durable and robust system I have come up with. Run or walk your dog using our innovative bungee dog leash and waist belt.