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Belt & Bungee Dog Leash - Hands Free System with Belt & Leash

Belt & Bungee Dog Leash - Hands Free System with Belt & Leash

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This is the new and improved version it is also the most durable and robust system I have come up with. With the wider belt and metal slider on the leash, I can confidently recommend this system for large breeds, bad pullers, and multiple dogs on the one belt. 

**NOTE: all Black System (only) has a 2.5cm wide belt and NO pouch Price $40**

All other colors (while they last) have the 4cm wide belt, that is smooth and extremely comfortable. I have added a 23cm long reduced bounce, water-resistant, zippered pouch which also has an earphone cable access hole. I realize everything is mostly Bluetooth these days but I decided to leave this in the design as I found it a quick easy way to access poo bags so I don't have to keep unzipping and zipping the pouch.

The pouch is capable of holding most of the larger phones on the market.

The belt reduces down to 47cm and extends out to 122cm in length, two belts can be clipped together and adjusted for those with a more relaxed waistline.

Another new feature with the attachable leash is it can now be extended. With the bungee relaxed it is 110cm in length and can be adjusted out to 132cm, when the bungee is stretched out it reaches out to a length of 184cm.

The leash has a traffic handle that can be used as a conventional leash as well as a hands-free attachment.

Comes in dual colours of Black and Blue, Black and Red, Black and Pink, Black and Purple.


  • The adjustable slider on the leash is now metal giving extra added strength and confidence to the leash even with the heaviest of pullers
  • Has triple reflective stitching so you can be seen during low light
  • High-quality 5cm buckle and 2 metal “D” rings.
  • Quick dry
  • Water-resistant pouch attached to the belt
  • By purchasing and adding a second leash you can run with 2 or more dogs either side attached to the "D"Rings on the belt or have them running in front attached to the "D"Ring on the leash attachment
  • Wider belt distributes load for those with lower back problems
  • Hands-Free for those with hand joint problems or shoulder problems

I really like this system as I can run with either one dog or add an extra leash or leashes to run multiple dogs. I always use this system when I’m running both of my Kelpies (Cadence and Pace)

Hands-Free Running leash set up video

Well Karen, I don't think you are ever going to get rich selling these leads. I run with my dog using this lead every day for 4 years now and the bungee is still going strong, unlike other brands I had used in the past that would only last me 6 months at best. Congrats on producing a strong, long-lasting product. I will continue to recommend this lead to everyone I know.


By far the best running leash on the market. I have used mine for years now and it is still going strong.


I had tried so many bungee leashes and it was getting really expensive because the bungee just wouldn't last. I have been using yours for well over 3 years now and it is still holding up. Thank you for producing a product that stands up to our daily training, we love it and I can't recommend it highly enough.

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    High quality and durable. I have been testing the prototypes of my products on Cadence (my Ultra Marathon runner Kelpie) for months now, we have covered approximately 2400+km in them and I absolutely love it, (and so does she).


    This is the new and improved version it is also the most durable and robust system I have come up with. Run or walk your dog using our innovative bungee dog leash and waist belt.